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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 20, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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commuter train slams into n one -- but two -- people on tracks. liette in the wrong place at the wrong time. a commuter bay train slams into two people open the track. >> i'm allen martin. andrea is at the santa clara cal tran station to tell us that one of the pedestrians has died. andrea? >> reporter: that's right. the train station is still closed at this point. it is tough to see behind me, but there is still a clean up crew out on the track while cal tran is reviewing surveillance camera video from the front of their train trying to figure out what happened. the northbound express train had 70 passengers on board.
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>> it would have gone somewhere between 40 to 45 miles per hour. folks didn't see the crash, but witnessed the aftermath. i notice that the train went by and all of a sudden there is way too many sirens. >> reporter: the fatal crash stopped all train corridors for a short time. leaving people stranded. >> it looks like i would have to stay here tonight or i don't know to taxi it in or something. >> reporter: eventually they were able to move a single track through the station, but with no stops at creating an hour plus delay system wide. it was two people and not one. >> we need to understand what went on between the two victims and whether there is something more that needs to be investigated. that's one of the things that will be able to talk to the
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second victim about it when she comes out of surgery. >> reporter: now the second victim is still going to be here. he is expected to provide the injury. this station here, it is still closed at this point, but the passengers are not getting on or off, but they are expected to be open by the morning commute. live in santa clara, kpix 5. tragedy has now struck twice for the bay area mother less than a month after losing one of her sons. he and a friend were gunned down just week after the kid brother was killed. >> reporter: tonight the mother of both of the shooting victims gathered here to light candles. one woman lost both of her sons in 19 days as she wants justice, not retaliation. the singing, the candles.
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and the prayers. for danielle, it is a devastating case of deja vu. >> and we won't have anymore on that. >> reporter: the youngest son, he was oakland's first homicide victim of 2014. shot on his way home from this boys and girls club, dying on new year's day. the older brother lamar was the fourth homicide of 2014, killed last night. >> it was a mistaken identity. he was ambushed. >> reporter: they just buried him on thursday, never imagining that the older brother who was by her side at the funeral could be gone days later. he was about to start school at the college tomorrow and worked at an oakland non-profit. >> and long live this pain. i want answers. >> reporter: police have few answers, although they are investigating if he was targeted as a part of a vicious cycle that began with his
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brother's murder. tonight he stood before the second candlelight memorial in less than three weeks. >> these are questions for them last night. like why would you do this to me? we still have the faith and everything. >> reporter: and the support of this woman, her close friend whose son derek harris was in the car with lamar and also shot dead. >> i loved him. >> both women join in the unimaginable grief. >> i lost a son. >> reporter: tonight, oakland police, they are still investigating whether this shooting and the one on new year's eve are connected. in oakland, kpix 5. well tonight there's a new face of terror for the security forces at the olympics. a widow who is out for blood. her name is aka the black widow. her husband was an islamic militant. they killed him last year and now she is bowing revenge.
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>> this is the biggest threat that we have seen to any olympics in quite some time. >> reporter: they have distributed pictures of it. they are afraid that she might be in sochi has a part of a terror top. today the torch was carried on through with a double bomb attack last month killing more than 30 people. but the group claiming responsibility, they have released a new video. it reports to show that the suicide bomber in a bomb being prepared. also threatens the russian president and any tourist that goes to sochi with what they call a presence. putin himself is acting tough. if you show we are afraid, then we will encourage those terrorists entertaining their goals. and the russian security forces have been cracking down on the islamic militants in the areas near sochi. and an attack this weekend reportedly killed seven of them. there's a ring of steel across
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the entire sochi region. but tonight the other widows whose husbands were killed might also carry out attacks. as if last night's loss to the seahawks didn't sting enough. this post-game interview, it certainly sealed the deal. >> it's the final play, take me through it. >> it's one of the best of the game. and that is the result that you're going to get. >> reporter: he later told sports illustrated that it was loud, in the moment, and it was just a small part of the person i am. i don't want to be a villain because i'm not a villain person. >> people, they really misunderstood my son. my son, off the field is probably one of the best better people that you want to know. i mean everything that he does, it is for the other people. >> and the parents, they say they didn't learn of the outburst until they turned home. as they say that their son was a straight a student, he also earned a football scholarship
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to stanford. and that is where betty is tonight. certainly they have a lot of people fired up, i would imagine? >> reporter: that's right. it is the talk of the campus tonight. and some students say that the interview was really rude, unprofessional and shameful. others say yes it was angry and rough, but ultimately about talent and his passion. between the game-saving play, the spotlight has never been brighter. some say that the post-game behavior may have cast a shadow on stanford university. >> i mean it is a little aggressive for me. but i mean it was scary. let's be honest. >> it seems pretty unsteady. >> reporter: just hours after taunting michael crabtree. students and the alumnis lit up social media, the facebook page, and a sports bar, debating whether the actions
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embarrassed the university. >> right on. >> reporter: he graduated with the communications degree in 2010 and played under coach jim harbaugh. the native told kpix 5 back then that sports helped put him on the right path. >> you have to be tough and mature and you have to be ready for it. >> that's the one thing we leak about him. he talks a lot of stuff, but also backs it up. >> reporter: today they explained in an outburst to those calling me a thug or worse because i show passion on the football field. don't judge a person's character by what they do between the line. he said he ran over to crab tree to shake his hand, but when he shoved his face, he went off. >> i'm not a tv guy as i play ball. you make one player and it is a good play. >> reporter: back in the locker room today, the tight end grave some pointers. >> he talks a lot. sometimes you just need to shut your mouth, you know, you got the win, be humbled. >> reporter: betty uh, kpix 5. tonight they will return to
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santa clara as we saw the last time of the season, boxing up their belongings, saying good- bye. some involving colin kaepernick left without saying a word. >> i feel crappy, we feel crappy. i don't think that we could keep getting to this spot and you know to keep losing. it sucks. >> reporter: this is the second time in two years that they ended bitterly on the last season drive. a football party got so heated yesterday that it ended in gunfire. police say he shot and wounded two seahawks fans. vargas was arrested. police in oakland are looking for whoever attacked a city councilwoman. she is running for mayor and sometimes during the night on saturday, flyers scrawled with what went up along the mountain
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boulevard. they seem to be in opposition to monitor the street light cameras. she has not even signed off on that yet. >> i don't think that these flyers were about this project as they have a very similar style to the flyers done about the council member and about a completely different issue. >> reporter: this went up in their neighborhood bashing the congressman over a proposed team curfew. the people that put up those flyers were never found. an idea on how much the recent bart strikes cost the transit agency. more than $8 million. $2.2 million was spent on negotiations alone, including an outside negotiator and public relations consultants. another $1.2 million was spent on chart erebuss and then the $5 million in lost revenue. one bart director told us that they have little to show for the money because in the air, they caved to the unions. a popular bay area to
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martin luther king jr. that may be in trouble. tickets have not been selling as well as in previous years. but the journey from san francisco to san jose is the same distance that they marched to montgomery alabama. organizers say they need to raise at least $7,000 to keep it going. >> thank you for your support and the media and the community as we overcame at least for this year. >> but if it will be the next to last. we need an opportunity to rise. they will run next year, but the faith is uncertain. they are expected to tally up all numbers tomorrow morning. it was something that they would call to burn down the theater. a bay area political drama is heating up. tonight the actor in the center of it. extrasensories will shipping. what they know what you're going to buy even before you
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do. plus, what the heck was that? a bizarre action has one bay area city member buzzing. >> it wasn't a cloud at all, welcome to the warmest january we have had far. and your high in san rafael is 68 tieing fairfield. when are we going to cool down and hoppling signs for rainfall. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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show in san francisco after political backlash, is now speaking out. joe vazquez is in the newsrm -- with her side o an actress resigning from a show in san francisco after a political backlash is now speaking out. joe vazquez is in the newsroom with her side of the story. joe? >> reporter: as we reported on friday, the actress maria alonzo is supporting this man right hoar, a republican candidate for governor -- here, a republican candidate for governor. now there's another one in her favor. >> i have to admit that i had no idea that tim was with the tea party, but i knew about him and i knew that he would be in office. >> reporter: she talked to fox news tonight, but has not responded to my attempts to talk to her directly. >> i want a gun in every california's gun safe.
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>> reporter: issue since the political ad was released last week, alonzo has been under fire, especially from the spanish radio air waves. >> and i'm the one that said i'm getting out of here, i don't want to deal with the ad from this as they were calling me and saying that they were going to burn down the theater that they were going to boycott it. >> reporter: she was going to star in a show starting next month on the heavily latino mission district. many here were upset that she was supporting a man that had been in the minute maid owner. when they followed him back, the group was building a fence at the mexico border. >> after our story ran on friday, a new backlash that began. and fox news and many conservative websites ran the story, our own website receiving thousands of angry
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comments. many are denouncing what they see is a prime example of liberal intolerance. >> i think it's a real first amendment issue, a free speech issue. boy it will go when you see so much attention. >> joe vazquez, kpix 5. the show will go on yet to determine on valentine's day. now, amazon has found a way to read your mind. they just got a patent for what they call the anticipation of the shopping. by analyzing customer data such as your purchase history, your product searches, and the wish list that you have. amazon says they could predict what you might buy next and then the company, they could move the product to a warehouse near you before you even order them. amazon, they said that the strategy, it is meant to cut down on shipping time. dramatic information on someone who survived a crash.
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he works at the industrial plant saying that it felt like an earthquake when he looked outside. all they saw were darkness and smoke as the electricity was out as he knew that he had to get out fast. >> i was working on the second to last floor about 10 miles away. but the stair is right behind the officer, so we got out of. >> reporter: some of the co- workers were trapped, a few cliply burned. two people are dead as all workers are now accounted for. a colorado skier had his go pro camera rolling as he rode out an avalanche that he triggered. despite reports of dangerous avalanche conditions, he decided to take his chances in the colorado back country. and it was over in just
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seconds, the life came out to have, but he was just o.k. surfers had some company in santa barbara. it looks horrifying, but don't worry those aren't sharks. a pod of dolphins. they were just as big of a hit in the crowd as the surfers. >> paul wants more proof. >> yeah, they do. they are just dolphins. >> yeah, right. keep surfing. wow. that's crazy. >> it is crazy. >> it's in the 80s over the past week. santa cruz in the 80s. tell us. what are you doing for easter though? kids, they are almost ending the school year on this weather pattern, but it is mid-january for san jose hitting 69 degrees today. the coldest for the past five days for you and five degrees above average, jumping down to 46 degrees. another chilly night in napa and santa rosa. getting a workout tonight, but
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maybe a sunscreen in the afternoon. tomorrow morning, 40, fremont at 39. concord and walnut creek at 38 degrees. taking you to kent field as you have set the five record highs over the past week as you may do it again when it is high and mild on wednesday with a high of 66. and if is now just so strong that it will be repelling it when you look at the storms. the storms, they are trying to get here with the counterclockwise flow, hitting the wall in the atmosphere, not only being kicked up to the north. they are heading back to the north. and it goat to show you how strong the ridge is and how -- and for the next few days. another seven to ten days with the megarich as it will be very cold back east and a big snowstorm for the east coast. 30 degrees below zero with the windchill in minneapolis. for us record highs, not a drought of the rainfall at least for another week, but i'm seeing very encouraging signs.
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where you can find the long range computer mold information and each one, they will now say as we switch over to february, which i know it is still 10 days away, but they will move out of the way and the storms will move in. very encouraging signs. but it will be encouraging as you may get more rainfall within the next 10 days or so. but for not another drop of rain. the winds, they will pick up on thursday, which means that the fire danger will be critical by the end of the week. highs are right around 70. and fremont, upper 60s for san mateo with sunshine. 69 degrees. danville at 69 degrees. 66 for mill valley. oakland with another record for 72 degrees. but no it is not easter as we are still three weeks away. wednesday, sunshine, thursday, sunshine, a little cloudier, right on through the rainfall
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talking about it. take a look. this video it would be strange, something seen over the sky at concord on thursday night and people are still talking about it. >> take a look for yourself as the video comes from an observer who posted it to whatever it was, it moved very quickly, high in the sky, didn't make any noise. one sky watcher we talk to believes it was from outer space. >> because i have never seen anything like that, like what you showed me in the video. i have never seen the blue light, i have never seen it
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where it is round, secular kind of things. >> and so -- an official word of what it may be. an update as they are trying to fight back, verses one of the nba's best as the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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linebacker navorro bowman te his acl and mlc in yesterd's loss e whitner wa according to reports, the 49er's linebacker tore an mcl in his left knee in yesterday's loss to seattle. now, the safety was up as seattle fans and their reactions to the injury. >> it's from what i heard, you know, when bowman was carted off with all that types of
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stuff. that's pure ignorance. >> he's a great player and i used to have more respect for the player and more respect for the game. >> carl jones is the player of the week as he and the indiana pacers, the mighty indiana pacers up 20 on the dub and as steph curry decided to lead the rally with an eight-point game. clay thompson, splash no warriors are just down by four. but in the end they answered every time they got the big shots. look at george hill. that's a dagger of a shot on the bases, 102-94. >> dodge returns to take on calgary for the first period tied at one. and that shalls are up 2-1, second period tied at 2. strikes to win it by a core -- on the final of 3-2. when they start playing at home and they win and the joint is jumping, the noise is deafening.
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i'm not saying it's seattle deafening, but 17,000, it could make a whole lot of hay. >> loyal fans there. >> all right. thanks for watching. see you at 11:00 on channel 5. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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